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Σάββατο, 1 Οκτωβρίου 2011

The most bizarre jobs in luxury hotels around the world

Taweesak Keereekaew , the operator of Elephant Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Thailand

If you believe that anyone working in a luxurious means sumptuous luxury, be prepared to change your mind. Here are ten jobs that might make you appreciate your own.

Elephant Manager
The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand has its own elephants and gives guests the chance to know them very closely. Ie feed them, wash them, go walk onto the bare back, give them orders and generally learn all the rules of proper behavior for elephants. The job of the controller is to educate would-charmers and elephants groom themselves gentle giants. The day begins at 7 am to give the baby elephants for breakfast, he continues to educate guests on 9 and ends at night when the mammals go to sleep.

The Rob Holsen, head cleaner coin from 1935 in the Hotel Westin St. Francis in San Francisco

Cleaner Rates
In Hotel Westin St. Francis, San Francisco, the term dirty money is unknown sense, since the hotel employs a permanent cleaner coin. The position was created in 1935 when the then Director noted that the white gloves the ladies of dirty coins they took. Even today every employee of the hotel has to distinguish the clean from dirty money. Otherwise dismissed for violation of «St. Francis Clean Money Policy ». Responsible for Ducks The Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee is famous for its ducks living in the terrace. Ducks walking on a red carpet every morning at 11 to reach the central fountain where platsourisoun until 5 pm. His job is responsible for general care cute feathered, with emphasis on daily catwalk that is in front of hotel guests and bright flashes from the cameras. The crystal marbles Rambagh Palace in India Pigeon Hunters This work is a slightly evolved version of the Scarecrow. The two employees, scarecrows of Rambagh Palace in India, working nine hours a day to banish pigeons from the courtyard using a large flag. Within the task is also to cleanse the impurities of pigeons were able to break the site. Monkey Hunting at the hotel Amanbagh Resort, in India, there are specific agents that prevent the monkeys in the region to enter the site and stealing food. The hunters are armed with slingshots and their role is not to kill but to turn away would-be robbers. Gerakaris the Hotel Gerakaris called one who specializes in hunting with falcons. The Gerakaris hotel Biltmore Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, however, patrol the pool and prevents attacks from seagulls to bathers. If you see the "Birds" Hitchcock will not find it funny at all the scenery. The fairy Barnsley Gerdens Resort in GA Fairy The Barnsley Gerdens Resort in GA United States has its own fairy, who is ready to satisfy every desire of visitors. From birthdays to marriage proposals, the work of fairy is to create a romantic atmosphere and offers magical moments. Butler Tanning In pool Ritz-Cariton, in Miami, you will find a fit young man who assumes the responsibility of your tan. Having always on the suntan lotion and knowing all the secrets of the perfect tan, can you guarantee bronze skin you've always dreamed of. And yes, you put oil in and back.

Security Officer nuts
in Ritz-Cariton again, this time in St. Thomas, a man who cuts the coconuts from the palm of the hotel will not be injured by one possible fall. No, not the gardener in charge, the hotel has decided to hire someone specifically for this job.

The Security Officer nuts
Ritz-Cariton in Saint 'Thomas

Reader Stories for Bedtime
Guests of Hotel Andaz, London, can enjoy the sweet lullaby takes the official reading them their favorite books. This service is available to all customers, regardless of age.

Human stoker Bed
The Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London you can find your bed warm and ready to indulge in the arms of Morpheus. On this benefit but does not offer a faceless machine, but a hotel employee who dressed in special uniforms (from top to bottom), lying in bed five minutes before you to warm up. One of the mermaids Silverton Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

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