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Πέμπτη, 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Αυτές οι εικόνες ειναι πραγματικά εκπληκτικές!

Photos That Are Truly Fascinating 
Εικόνες που δεν βλέπεις κάθε μέρα!
Baby rhino refuses to sleep alone after witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of poachers

600.000 russians waiting for Rammstein – 7th biggest concert ever
2Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
U.S. Marine Drill Instructor Inspects His Platoon Shortly Before Lights Out At MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina
3Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
Everest for scale!
4Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
Shaq next to a replica of the tallest man to have lived (Robert Wadlow, for those wondering…8’11 439lbs. Died at 22)
5Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
Axe with intact wooden shaft uncovered at Rødbyhavn, Denmark. Dates to the Stone Age, about 5,500 years ago
6Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
A Space Shuttle Engine
7Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
8Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
Mall train stolen during Ferguson riots
9Photos That Are Truly Fascinating
Rendering of the new Namaste skyscraper in Mumbai to be completed in 2017
The Atlantic Road, Norway
Donatella Versace in 1997 and now
A 300-year-old fresco by Andrea Pozzo. The entire ceiling is flat
This is what happens when the mist around a waterfall freezes
Coincidence? Probably not.
Structure of the visible Universe if we could see dark matte
The universe looks just like neurons in a human mind. What if… our universe itself is just the brain and neuronal network of some much, much larger and more significant being then we could ever even imagine?
French And British Snipers
A PSA you will never find in the US…Amsterdam health warning to tourists. You will not be arrested for using drugs in Amsterdam

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