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Κυριακή, 20 Ιουλίου 2014

Πράγματα που σπάνια θα δείτε σε slow motion! Νο2

Πραγματικά απίθανα βίντεο!

A bisection of a key opening a lock:
A water drop bouncing on the surface of water in slow motion:
A drag racer’s tire:
A straight pole passing through a curved opening:
The movement on a perfectly shot soccer ball:
A tree falling during a storm:
A time lapse of a pinecone blooming:
Seven thousand fireworks accidentally being shot off at once:
A motorbike traveling across the surface of water:
A time lapse of a storm approaching a city:
Damien Walters running a full loop in slow motion:
The underside of a wave:
Cutting open a watermelon with rubber bands:
An orange peel versus an open flame:
The 13 circles that make up Twitter’s logo:
A way to skateboard up stairs:
A time lapse of an aging woman:

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